10 Poster Presentations

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
11:00 to 12:00

Dayu Jiang, Slava Kalyuga, John Sweller

Studies in the expertise reversal effect in teaching foreign language listening skills

Charly Eielts, Tamara Van Gog, Fred Paas

The effect of finger tracing on chinese character learning

Daniel Choi, Kim Ouwehand, Fred Paas

Effects of eliciting gestures during task performance on Cognitive Load.

Alexandra Stümmler, Matthias Wilde

Effects of scaffolds on motivation and learning success in experimental tasks in biology lessons

Julia Ollesch, Markus Vogel, Tobias Dörfler

Multimedia-based teaching of mathematics – also a question of Cognitive Load

Huy Phan, Bing Ngu, Alexander Yeung

Achieving optimal best: The use of Cognitive Load Theory in mathematical problem solving

 Margina Ruiter, Fred Paas, Sofie Loyens

Effect of cycling action on lecture retention, attention and mood

Alexander F. Koch

Why cognitive load may indicate you teach competently: new ideas in Cognitive Load Theory research.

Tugce Durgut, Bianca Böhm, Svenja Schmidt, Yonca Kaya, Kübra Kenger

Shorter learning time and better performance through predetermined learning time

Christian Kißler, Meryem Göcer, Nurgül Emlikli

How does a test announcement affect the learning performance and cognitive load of students mediated by test anxiety and motivation?