Call for Papers

In the past decades, Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) has guided a substantial amount of research conducted by scholars around the world. As a result, CLT has developed and expanded noticeably, becoming a dominant supporting theory in learning and instruction. As researchers increasingly combined it with other theories of learning and instruction, CLT has evolved into an interdisciplinary theory.

The Organizing Committee of the 9th International Cognitive Load Theory Conference 2016 (ICLTC2016) encourages researchers of all disciplines to submit their abstracts. The abstracts should be written in English, the official language of the event. All presentations relevant to CLT are welcome.

All contributions will be peer-reviewed. Abstracts of empirical contributions must inform about the theoretical background, the research question(s), design and methods, and empirical results. Additionally, theoretical review contributions are also welcome although the number of oral presentations of theoretical review papers are limited to one at each conference day.

You can present your research projects either as an oral presentation, or a poster. Each oral presentation will last 20 minutes including 5 minutes of discussion. Posters will be exhibited during the conference poster session. Please indicate which format you prefer. See also our presentation guidelines

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