5 Oral Presentations

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
16:00 to 17:40

Gestures and Motion

Nadine Marcus, Paul Ayres, Niloufar Lajevardi

Does gesturing improve the learning of human motor skills for children, when learning from instructional animation and statics?

Paul Ayres, Ruth Mierowsky, Nadine Marcus

The impact of gesturing when learning to play piano clips from animations

Steffi Zander, Stefanie Wetzel, Sven Bertel

Effects of using touch-gestures on mobile devices on elementary school children`s solving of spatial tasks

Alexander Skulmowski, Günter Daniel Rey

Embodied Cognitive Load Theory: costs, benefits and resources determine embodied learning outcomes

Andreas Korbach, Paul Ginns, Roland Brünken, Babette Park

Effects of tracing gestures: an eye-tracking study