5 Oral Presentations

Friday, June 24th, 2016
09:00 to 10:40
Cognitive Load Theory in languange learning

Stéphanie Roussel, André Tricot, John Sweller

Is learning content and a second language simultaneously a good idea?

Dominik Rumlich, Ferdinand Stebner

Cognitive Load Theory in the context of bilingual education: exploring unchartered territory

Claudia Leopold, Nina Fröde, Stephan Dutke

Seductive details in foreign language learning

Olga Ignatova, Slava Kalyuga, John Sweller

The imagination effect when learning auditory linguistic material

You-Hsuan Chang, Tzu-Chien Liu, Yi-Chun Lin

Effects of computer-mediated dictionaries assisted learning with checking-meaning function on vocabulary learning and reading comprehension